KDRC research has been deeply influenced by and embedded into real-world applications, such as in healthcare, bio-literature, terrorism and social media .

Natural Language Processing

With the increasing importance of the Web and other text-heavy application areas, the demands for and interest in both text mining and natural language processing (NLP) have been rising.  We have focused on solutions to the problem of data deluge by replacing or supplementing the human reader with automatic systems undeterred by the text explosion.

Health Sciences

KDRC aims to ensure the scalability of data and information governance, whilst promoting effective collaboration and communication between researchers, academia and industry. By unifying data and technology the centre hopes to streamline the pace of progress in health data analytics and research.

Data Science

Data mining and machine learning are one of key technologies for advanced data analytics. We are developing practical data mining processes, and also try to create new business opportunities in which data analysis and knowledge discovery are very important factors.