Influence of Key Player Detection and Removal on Efficiency and Performance of Covert Networks using Social Network Analysis

Terrorist network is particular type of social network with prominence on efficiency and performance. In order to propose successful approaches for terrorist organisations destabilisation, identification and understanding of structural properties of network is essential. It was analyzed that by removing pair of nodes according to centrality measures the network efficiency, information performance and overall performance of the network was affected. As terrorist networks tend to be efficient in terms of performance and information propagation, by removal of 15% to 20% of the nodes their efficiency, information propagation and performance will be disturbed. So, having partial knowledge about terrorist networks and individuating key nodes from the network would help in disruption of terrorist network and prevention of criminal activity. Application of the work is to find critical nodes from a communication network in order to protect from attacks, and to find the set of key nodes to target them that would result in disruption of a covert/terrorist network.