This work is being done in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad under the supervision of Dr Lubna Naseem.  It is a medical application that is developed with the purpose of assisting the doctors in diagnosing several diseases. Medical Decision Support Systems (MDSS) play an increasingly important role in medical practice.

By assisting doctors with making clinical decisions, DSS are expected to improve the quality of medical care. Intellihealth is a complete medical decision support system for data acquisition, preprocessing, disease diagnosis and report generation.  Intellihealth uses a proposed model called “HM-BagMoov” which is an ensemble framework with multi-layer classification using enhanced bagging and optimized weighting.


Innovative Solution

  • Multiple disease diagnosis portal for doctors
  • High diagnosis accuracy
  • Novel “HM-BagMoov” diagnosis engine
  • FHIR/ HL7 compliance
  • Web based access
  • Expandable to handle any disease