Rule Based Expert System for Syncope

This work was done in collaboration with Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology and National Institute of Heart Diseases (AFIC-NIHD). Syncope is defined as a sudden and temporary loss of consciousness.

Commutative Incidence of Vasovagal Syncope is 35-39% in the life time of subjects up to age of 65 years. Quality of life of a Vasovagal Syncope patient significantly reduces, particularly in patients that go through recurrent episodes of Syncope. Furthermore symptoms of syncope are directly related to 3% of the total visits to emergency rooms and 6% admissions of patients in hospital.

A rule based expert system for predicting syncope disease is developed. Association rule mining is applied on syncope data obtained from AFIC & NIHD. Predicate logic technique is used to polish the association rules in order to draw stimulating production rules that could be used with our expert system.

The working of the expert system is shown in figure 1:

h1Figure 1: Working of System