SWIMS: Social Network Analysis Tool

SWIMS is a innovative social network analysis tool, running our own developed proprietary engine. It has web based access, with instant comparison with multiple products and knowledge base with self learning process.  It is capable to handle real time data streaming and can be expandable to handle any kind of sentiment analysis.


  • You can monitor user interaction with your app or site as a whole, or drill down to individual buttons and features to see exactly how your users are interacting with your product. Users with complex websites or mobile apps could potentially benefit greatly from the insights offered by proposed product.


  • By using Heat map visualization, Seeing precisely where your users are focusing their attention on your site (among other uses) can provide marketers with remarkable insights into their audience’s behavior.
  • Keyword Tracking Know where your products are ranking for their keywords with one glance. Track your competitor’s products so you can see when they make a change that works.


  • Increase Your Conversion Rates Quickly identify what’s bringing your conversion rate down and fix it.
  • Negative Review Alerts Get alerts whenever your customers leave less than 5-star reviews (1-4 stars). Respond to them immediately for the best chance of raising the rating